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How to find a marriage counselor in Calgary for sex and trauma counselling.

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So, just what is trauma counselling and how does trauma therapy  relate to sex therapy for couples or marriages?

Finding help can be difficult: So many of our clients have related to us that they went through multiple therapists desperately trying to find someone who understood both sexuality and trauma. Not everything is as advertized. Some therapists who advertise that they work with sexual abuse have really only just completed some program (E.g., Courage to Heal) or only understand trauma and, conversely, other therapists have extensively studied sexuality (and may be outstanding in that area) lack enough of the foundation in trauma counselling training to properly address healing from emotional trauma of a sexual nature.

But, the experience of sexual trauma creates a uniquely isolating, disempowering and intense experience of helplessness that simply can not be properly addressed without a knowledge of both!

And, TV programs and movies parodying sexologists, couples sex therapy and intimacy counselling have not done anyone any favours either. Obviously, no certified sex therapist Calgary has to offer would even think of offering the sort of therapy those movies depict. 

Yet, while often, admittedly, quite funny, those programs have struck so much fear into the hearts of the victims of sexual trauma that it's nearly impossible to write anything in the area of sex and trauma counselling without first laying those fears to rest.

So, let's start with what the assessment and treatment of sexual concerns will NOT be about:

  1. NUDITY - No ethical sexologist Calgary has to offer will EVER request, suggest or condone the removal of clothing during sex therapy and education sessions.
  2. PHYSICAL EXAMINATION - While not true in other parts of the world, Calgary sex therapists are not Medical Doctors or Pelvic Floor Physiotherapists and DO NOT PERFORM physical examinations of their clients.
  3. OVERT SEXUAL BEHAVIORS IN THE OFFICE - Intimacy counselling focuses on sex education and ‘talk’ therapy. Any exercises are given only as HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS structured to help with individual healing or trauma recovery and the growth of all areas of intimacy in your couple relationship. Get started with your first session today!

You're in control! People who have been hurt or, sometimes, even just severely neglected during childhood in areas of sexuality can struggle in a wide variety of areas. So much can be done to bring understanding, change, growth and empowerment in those areas impacted by sexual trauma:

Symptoms of Male Sexual Trauma:

• Disorders of Sexual Desire
• Male Sex Aversion
• Male Sexual Fear
• Male Erectile Dysfunction
• Orgasmic Disorder
• Premature Ejaculation
• Retarded ejaculation
• Relationship Problems

Other Trauma Related Sexual Difficulties

•  Paraphilias (Fetishism,       Exhibitionism, Voyeurism etc.)
• Sexual Identity
• Gender Identity issues
• Internet Sex
• Pornography, Addiction

Symptoms of Female Sexual Trauma:

• Disorders of Sexual Desire
• Female Sex Aversion.
• Female Sexual Fear
• Female Arousal Disorder
• Female Orgasmic Disorder
• Disorders of Sexual Pain
   (Vaginismus & Dyspareunia)
• Relationship Problems

Call us for more information! Book a session with our therapists or talk to us about the unique option of a joint husband/wife team of therapists working together to help your marriage survive and thrive!

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