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Sex Therapy Calgary: Our approach to Sexual Trauma: Almost twenty years ago, when Roslyn and I moved to Calgary, trauma counselling techniques were rarely even considered a useful part of the training for a sexologist. While Calgary sex therapy and education programs to become a registered psychologist have dramatically improved over the last two decades, there are still far too few therapists who really understand how to merge sex therapy and in-depth trauma counselling - even fewer who know how to do so in a way that your faith perspective and value system is respected. Book with us today!

Sadly, even though the knowledge base of individual therapists is finally improving, we're still mostly figuring it out ourselves in spite of diagnostic criterias that seem stuck perpetually in the 1990's. If you spend any time reading through the Diagnostic Criteria for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder you will very quickly arrive at one unmistakable conclusion:

White male soldiers running around foreign lands killing Brown guys are, apparently, the only people capable of developing PTSD.

In an age where people are publicly outing abusers and detailing the incredible sexual trauma done to them on nearly a daily basis, that's both insulting and beyond absurd...

And, it's also hardly new - the battle to get those criteria changed by way of the addition of a diagnostic criteria (called Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) has actually been ongoing since 1992! (Even after the United States Military has been using that definition for decades...)

The medical community mostly focuses on physical trauma. But, physical trauma actually heals relatively quickly, at least when compared to the crippling emotional effects of dissociation, the splintering of personality and constant flashbacks. Even just the simple long term relational and sexual paralysis that can come through anxiety and other mood disorders can take so much from a life. Increasingly, researchers are finding that, though they do not in any way fit the diagnostic criteria for PTSD, even situations as obscure as long term classroom stress for teachers, long term sexual harassment and even what is commonly termed compassion fatigue can generate symptoms remarkably similar to PTSD and deeply impact marriages and couple relationships.

At Henze & Associates, we take take the view that political struggles among psychologists keeping Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from being accepted as a formal diagnosis do not, in any way, mean that people are not suffering. Maybe the diagnosis can not yet be assigned, but the techniques of treatment for such are already very well known. Authors and researchers like Dr Judith Herman, Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, Dr. Sue Johnson, Dr. Peter Levine, Dr. Richard C. Schwartz and so many others have done extensive research on CPTSD and invested almost countless hours into the development of diagnostic criteria and treatment programs for it - and then solidly verified that those Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder treatments really do help to heal the problem they have so clearly defined and articulated.

They have shown that real healing can be achieved through merging the well established approaches of Marriage Counselling/Couples Counselling, Sex Therapy and Trauma Counselling techniques - a personal and relational restoration that goes far beyond ordinary.

Sue Johnson's Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples with Trauma (EFT-C) is a highly specialized form of couples therapy which provides a safe foundation for learning to express needs and deep feelings in a way that both creates compassion and emotional safety and facilitates safe conversation even in highly dysregulated states. Through processing the ways we co-create negative patterns of relationship and teaching new skills of co-regulation, we  build marriages of acceptance, love and mutual protection!

Creating partnerships that heal: The Calgary Couple clients we see experience an eclectic blend of Emotionally Focused Therapy, psycho-educational teaching, Internal Family Systems Therapy and PTSD/Trauma Therapy that helps them get far beyond the simple answers and really heal their most precious relationship. Book today!

And, once the couple or marriage relationship is working as it should be, then the stable and loving couple relationship becomes one of the primary and most important tools for restoring the present and healing the past available to the couple struggling with Sexual Trauma. 

Conversely, the same research has shown that even with the best therapist and the most advanced forms of therapy, it is unlikely that the person struggling with PTSD will recover until the marriage relationship is where it should be.

Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples with Trauma is one of the most well researched and clinically verified forms of Trauma Focused Couples Therapy in existance today.

Calgary PTSD Counselling for Couples and Marriages: Book now! Please read through the rest of this site. Yes, it's complex and quite long - this just isn't a simple problem and it's no place for simplistic answers.

But, if you have struggled with the long lasting effects of trauma for years and are looking for help, you really do owe it to yourself to ensure that the therapist you are choosing doesn't just claim they can address trauma and sexual violation, but that they have also fully demonstrated a deep understanding of the problem. 

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